Belly Dancer of the Year Competition
Memorial Day Weekend
May 24-25, 2014

ECHS Performing Arts Theater
540 Ashbury Avenue
El Cerrito, California

Saturday, May 24

11am - Workshop Featuring 2013 Winners
6:30pm - Competition - Belly Dancer of the Year and Tribal Soloist of the Year

Sunday, May 25
12:30pm: - Duet, Grand Dancer, Tribal Ensemble, and Troupe
7pm - Gala & Celebration Featuring Live Music and Performances by 2014 Winners

New in 2014

Duet of the Year is Back
We have decided to bring back the Duet of the Year category after a 12 year hiatus. A duet is such a unique and specific dynamic that it deserves to be a separate category again. Trios will now be welcome in the Troupe of the Year category.

New Age Requirement for Grand Dancer
The minimum age requirement for the Grand Dancer category is now 50.

Event Format
In an effort to keep BDOY exciting and relevant, we are experimenting with the format. Kicking off 2014 with workshops, breaking the competition into two sections on Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon, and celebrating Sunday evening with a Gala Show in an amazing performance space.

2014 Rules & Entry Fees
Please read through all the rules carefully. There have been some updates, including changes to the entry fees for Duet, Troupe, and Tribal Ensemble.

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About Belly Dancer of the Year

The Belly Dancer of the Year Pageant was founded by Sula Frick. When Sula passed away in 1978, her son asked Leea Aziz to continue producing BDOY, as it was Sula's proudest accomplishment.

At first, there was only one category for soloist and the event was held in very small venues. In 1979, the Troupe category was added at the request of Kattoura/Ginny. Later, the Grand Dancer category was added at the request of Halame, and, finally, the Duet Category was added. Several years ago, the Duet of the Year category was changed to Duo/Trio. In 2010, the BDOY Pageant Committee added Tribal Soloist and Tribal Ensemble categories, beginning in 2011, to represent the American Tribal and Tribal Fusion styles in the belly dance community.

BDOY is now an international event, and "Belly Dancer of the Year" is recognized as the premier title in belly dancing. It opens the door to teaching workshops, starring in performances, and DVD appearances. Previous winners include Aziza (2002), Judeen (1993), and Alexandra King (1988). The goal of BDOY is to give qualified dancers a fair and equal opportunity to exhibit their skills, as well as promote and elevate the art of belly dance and support its amazing community.